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Men’s Dog Tags: Tips About Selection

One of the most popular forms of jewelry for men is the dog tag. Originally designed for use as identification in the military, dog tags have evolved to the point where dog tag jewelry is now considered a legitimate and significant part of the fine jewelry industry. Also known as dog tag pendants, or even dog tag necklaces, dog tags for men come in a wide variety of designs and materials, and in this article we’ll discuss some choices and considerations in selecting a men’s dog tag. You will see that there are many possibilities from which to choose!


From a design standpoint, these pendants have many types to choose from. Some have a blank tag as a starting point in order for you to be able to engrave wording of your choice. Some have a strictly utilitarian purpose in providing emergency medical and contact information. With the strong military connection in the history of dog tags, others have designs that conjure up images of valor, and they recognize past service experiences.

Some designs make reference to one’s faith, and the wearing of such necklaces is meant to provide strength during challenging times. A popular example is a design featuring a carved cross and the Lord’s Prayer.

For all of these reasons just mentioned, dog tag pendants can make wonderfully meaningful gifts.


There are many different materials to choose from. Sterling silver dog tags are quite popular, as sterling silver, an alloy made from copper and pure silver, is durable and less soft than pure silver. With a purity of 92.5%, its high silver content gives value to the pendant. The copper content does make the jewelry prone to some tarnishing over time, so one can expect to do occasional polishing.

Some examples of men’s dog tags come in 14K (karatage) and 18K gold finishes, including white gold and yellow gold. Like with silver, pure gold is too soft to be very durable as jewelry, and therefore alloys incorporating other metals are often used. 18K designates 75% gold, while 14K designates 58.3% gold. To see examples with men’s dog tags, click here to see a 14K white gold pendant, and click here to see a 14K yellow gold pendant.

Diamond men’s dog tags often are completed with gold or sterling silver finishes, truly giving a classy and sophisticated look. To understand carat designations with diamonds, you should understand that the carat (ct.) is a weight rather than size classification. One carat is approximately 0.2 grams in weight. This beautiful 14K gold dog tag is 3.82 carats. Other materials are commonly used as well, including stainless steel and leather.


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